The famous plenaries

Where institutional voices from many countries, experts, consultants, community representatives, researchers, CEOs and representatives from other sectors will be heard.


Call for projects to identify the most innovative Startups in the technology and digital sector. Conferences The AITEX 2019 themes will be discussed during the conferences in different formats: plenary sessions, panels, debates, presentations, etc.


90 minutes of thematic workshops to deepen a topic while presenting solutions and allow exchanges with participants. These will be in the format of round tables or conference of the sponsor’s choice.

Tech village

As a showcase for global technology and innovation, the exhibition is also an opportunity for startups to be represented. The Tech Village allows exhibitors to showcase their products, technologies and services in different areas of business.

World coffe

An innovative process bringing participants together around a topic in small groups. After launching a discussion topic, a turn-over is set up to give another twist to the debate. The World Café allows to deepen the reflection with a view to creating a network of exchanges and actions.

Digital Art Street

Where art and digital meet.