• Smart territories at the service of Africa
  • Africa, a precursory continent of a sustainable digital world

  • FabLabs at the heart of digital challenges in Africa

  • Technological innovations as an answer to emergence challenges in Africa

  • The Agricultural Africa must become the Digital Africa

  • The University of the Future in Africa, is a challenge to face thanks to the e-courses

  • Citizentech: customer experience, collaborator, citizen, to put the human at the center of all strategies.

  • Fintech in Africa is the challenge of financial inclusion

  • E-health:new El Dorado for Africa?

  • Public actors’ role in amplifying African innovations

  • Open Gov to generate innovation and employment locally

  • Which transformations, digital innovations for the tourism sector by 2020?

  • Which African Digital model to use sustainably?

  • The actors and drivers of the agriculture digital transition

  • Latest trends around the growth of the ecosystem technology across Africa

  • African public actors &reproducibility of African innovations

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