The technological innovations in Africa are confirmed by the emergence of new products and practices that are appearing as a sign of a profound and durable change (socio-economic, political and environmental) of the continent.

These existing solutions in the continent show that at the very heart of Africa lays its capacity to meet the important requirements of its populations in the areas of health, education, agriculture, or financial inclusion

Has this dynamism gone beyond the experimental phase ?

The technological revolution leads to new open spaces for sharing of knowledge and experience, training, exchange and collaboration with the contribution of all African actors of the technological innovation.

It is essential to identify the necessary means to accompany the challenges of the continent of Africa, where the digital aims to reorganize the assets in order to build a future that meets its full potential!


Technological innovations are at the core of AITEX 2018.
Today, the digital is contributing to the future of any organization as a dynamic sector that strongly participates in the GDP of ever country.

Its total commitment in the development shows a major interest for new international markets, investors, partnerships, and for the creation of a new economy.
AITEX 2018 is definitely a true IT hub, a digital showcase of a continent that is reinventing itself.

The visitor will be offered paths of choice and will have to register in advance in order to schedule his meetings and attend conferences / AfricaTech of his choice.

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